New Here?

New Here?

Welcome to Cornerstone

Us In A Nutshell

We believe…

The real Jesus is really attractive.

We’re real people with real problems and real hope, peace and joy is possible when we allow Jesus into our lives.

All people are in need of being loved and accepted.

Jesus Christ loves and values everybody, everywhere.

Everyone needs Jesus.

We’re not perfect, but we believe in doing life with people. It’s about being the church, not doing churchy things.

Jesus can save people and the Holy Spirit convicts behavior, not us.  We love God and we love people.

What to Expect


Will it be welcoming?

A greeter will smile and wave at the door.  Please feel welcome to bring your beverage and/or snack into the Worship Center. An usher will seat you in the Worship Center located through the doors to the left, or proceed through the lobby to the Kids’ Church Check-In Station.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself!  We encourage people to engage on their electronic device or bring your own Bible, whatever makes you most comfortable.  Feel free to bring your beverage of choice into the Worship Center.

What should I wear?

Cornerstone is a church for real people.  We encourage you to come as you are and dress in what feels most comfortable.

New Here?

What about my kids?

Kids’ Church is available for Birth through 5th grade.  Check-in is in the lobby and rooms are located in the East Hallway.

Cornerstone Kids

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